My Official Bio (Corporate Speak ;-):

Shannon McCaffery is Chief Marketing Implementer for, a direct response marketing company.  She is an expert direct response marketer, product launch manager, strategic coach, project manager and product creation specialist.She has a gift of accurately assessing your marketing, pinpointing key areas to increase its impact, which in turn generates more money in the bank for you. 

She specializes in working with Information marketers and Internet marketers, creating surveys, creating information products and doing money-making product launches. She’s helped countless of entrepreneurs and online marketers like Alex Mandossian, Yanik Silver, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Mike Koenigs, and Ted Thomas, Jack Canfield, to create more successful businesses and product launches.

Most recently she worked with Glazer Kennedy as their Executive Director of Events, Affiliates and Launches.One of the tools she uses with her clients is how she’s conducted hundreds of surveys and achieved amazing results. She’s also a former executive from corporate America, and has over 20 years of experience in coaching, marketing, communications, management, and sales, working at several Fortune 500 companies, including Cendant, Simon & Schuster International and Pearson, plc. 

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Marketing That Is Based On YOUR Inspiration, Abundance and Compassion...
Here at, we are dedicated to treating and working with you as a one of a kind company- no two companies are alike...

Put my 20 years of experience as an expert direct response online marketer, product launch manager, online marketing funnel specialist, strategic coach, project manager, and product creation work for you.

  • We work together to increase the impact of your marketing by assessing what you are currently doing for your business online and offline.
  • Then we can implement proven techniques to get you more leads/clients and increase your profits in a matter of months, not years!
  • Are your ideas clogging your brain?
  • Do you have enough time in your day to actually implement all your great marketing ideas?
  • Can you get out of your own way and allow me to do what I do best for you?
  • And what do I do best for you                                     "Get It All Done For You!"

Work Stuff:

  • Trained with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer personally and with all their courses for the past 8 years.
  • Worked with MANY Successful Internet Marketers including Alex Mandossian, Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver, Mike Koenigs and many more...
  • My knowledge of creating Online Marketing Funnels and Communities is vast- See my Services Page for more...


  • I'm not like other marketers, I've done a tremendous amount of spiritual work. And constantly do the work daily, it inspires me knowing I'm part of something bigger than just me.
  • So be prepared for anything to happen when my intuition kicks in and we take off on the road to your tremendous success!